May 26–27, 2022


"Uzhhorod School of Atomic Physics and Quantum Electronics" to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Professor Ivan Prokhorovych Zapisochny

Apply street University, 21, Uzhhorod,
Transcarpathian region, 88017

About the conference

Dear colleagues! Today, our country is going through an extremely difficult, painful and important period of struggle for its own independence, the right to freedom, the right to life in a civilized European society, and a period of full-scale war. And today, more than ever, it is important to continue working towards the training of competitive, highly educated scientists in Ukraine, as well as to support the memory of those scientists who glorified Ukraine around the world and started whole areas of research. That is why the Institute of Electronic Physics is holding the International Scientific Conference "Uzhhorod School of Atomic Physics and Quantum Electronics", dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Professor Ivan Prokhorovych Zapisochny.

The conference will take place on May 26-27, 2022 in online format.

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To be included in the Conference Program and receive an invitation, you need to submit an APPLICATION for participation and the title of the report to the Organizing Committee. Language - Ukrainian, English. Participation in the conference and publication of the abstract in the electronic collection is free of charge.

Please send the APPLICATION by April 29, 2022 and abstract of the report by May 5, 2022 to the e-mail address: or

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Brief information about the life of I.P. Zapisochny

Ivan Prokhorovych Zapisochny – is a well-known Ukrainian scientist in the field of atomic physics, physical and quantum electronics, Honored Scientist of Ukraine, laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology and the prize named after K.D. Synelnikov NAS of Ukraine. His name is associated with important results in the development of physics of electronic and atomic collisions, spectroscopy of the vacuum-ultraviolet range, nonlinear optics, electron-photon and ion-photon emission of metal surfaces, gas quantum electronics. He and his students have great merits in creating a series of original, including unique, installations and precision tools for the study of many new phenomena and effects in the electronic shells of atoms and ions in their collisions with electrons, photons of laser radiation and each other, nuclear research. processes in the interaction of electron, ion and laser beams with the surface of solids and active media of lasers on metal vapors and excimer molecules.

Ivan Prokhorovych Zapisochny is one of those active people who, as they say, "made themselves". He went through a really difficult life. As a child, he, a native of Cherkasy region, had to travel a lot with his family in search of a better life - Donbas, North Caucasus, Tula region, Kursk, Voronezh. Almost a dozen schools had to change during this period. In 1945 he entered the Faculty of Physics of Voronezh State University, graduating with honors. While still a student, under the guidance of Professor M.A. Levitskaya created an experimental setup on which he performed research on the photoelectric effect in the X-ray range of electromagnetic waves. The results of these studies were included in the thesis and were published in the collection of scientific papers of students of Voronezh University. In 1950, Ivan Prokhorovych entered the graduate school of Leningrad State University (LSU), and this was a decisive event that essentially determined the future direction of research. At the Faculty of Physics of LSU under the leadership of a famous scientist, corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences S.E. Frisch, he was formed as a highly qualified experimental physicist. After graduating from graduate school in late 1953, Ivan Prokhorovych defended his dissertation, and in early 1954 he was sent to work at Uzhhorod State University. His later working life is connected with Transcarpathia. From 1954 to 1981 he worked at Uzhhorod State University as a senior lecturer, associate professor, head of the Department of Experimental Physics, and in 1957 he created and headed the Department of Optics. In 1965 he created the first Problem Research Laboratory in Physics of Electronic Collisions at the University, and in 1968 a new department - Quantum Electronics, which at that time was the second in Ukraine. Not limited to pedagogical activities, Ivan Prokhorovych began scientific work on topical issues of atomic physics. Due to the lack of a proper experimental base and, accordingly, scientific staff to successfully carry out the planned research, he organizes leading scientists from the capital's research centers to provide advice. The first result of these studies were experiments in the physics of electronic collisions, namely the study of the excitation of molecules of atmospheric gases, nitrogen and oxygen. The result of these works was the successful defense in 1960 of the dissertation of S.M. Kishko, who became the first Transcarpathian candidate of physical and mathematical sciences.

In the early 80's in Uzhhorod, three scientific schools were formed: in atomic physics, low-energy nuclear physics and physics of semiconductors and dielectrics - the synthesis and cultivation of complex semiconductor structures. The world-famous scientists who visited Uzhhorod praised the activity of Uzhhorod physicists: the President of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR, Academician B.Ye. Paton, President of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Academician M.V. Keldysh, Academicians of the USSR Academy of Sciences L.A. Artsymovych, H.М. Flyorov, academicians of the USSR Academy of Sciences V.G. Baryahtar, M.S. Brodin, O.D. Nemets, V.I. Trefilov, I.K. Pokhodnya, B.I. Verkin, M.V. Pasichnyk, I.M. Vyshnevsky. In particular, Academician Trefilov V.I. stressed that research in the Problem Laboratory of Uzhhorod University is conducted at a high academic level. Numerous foreign scientists who visited their laboratories gave the same high assessment of the scientific activity of Uzhhorod physicists. This contributed to the recognition of Uzhhorod as an attractive center for scientific forums of various levels. Professor I.P. Zapisochny and his students have organized a number of conferences, symposiums and meetings, including All-Union Conference on Vacuum Ultraviolet Physics of Heavy Ions, Coherent and Nonlinear Optics, Physical Processes in Plasma and Metal Vapors.

In order to realize his plans, Ivan Prokhorovych paid great attention to the education of students, grouped talented young people around him, taught them, led to the defense of first PhD and later doctoral dissertations. Probably not every head, along with complex administrative work, was able to prepare 8 doctors and 44 candidates of science. His first graduate student was V.S. Shevera is one of the first physics graduates of Uzhhorod State University. He, as well as other students of Professor I.P. Zapisochny from the first cohort – L.L. Shimon, P.V. Feltsan, O.B. Shpenyk, V.V. Skubenych, I.S. Aleksakhin, A.Y. Imre, A.M. Zavilopulo, S.S. Pop, V.S. Vukstych, A.J. Dashchenko, I.I. Shafranyosh, V.V. Sovter, E.I. Nepiypov and others became his associates, helpers, associates, generators of new ideas. Therefore, Uzhhorod soon became a recognized world center in the field of atomic and molecular collisions. The total number of researchers at the Department of Quantum Electronics and in the Problem Laboratory of Electron Collision Physics, of which he was the scientific supervisor for several decades, in the 70s of the last century exceeded, perhaps, a hundred. Growth was not only quantitative but also qualitative. The increase in the quality of research was significantly facilitated by the involvement of the Department of Theoretical Physics and the Academic Department of the Theory of Elementary Interactions among the researchers of atomic phenomena. As a result, a world-class scientific school was established in Uzhhorod, which was named the school of Professor I.P. Zapisochny. For more than four decades, all scientific work has been focused on two important areas: atomic physics and physical and quantum electronics. With regard to atomic physics, the main focus was on the following broad sections: spectroscopy (including vacuum and ultra-soft X-ray range); physics of elementary processes in collisions of monoenergetic electrons with atoms, ions, simple molecules; processes of recharging and excitation at slow collisions of ions with atoms; nonlinear processes in the interaction of laser radiation with atoms. In the field of physical and quantum electronics, research has been conducted in the following areas: atomic processes in the interaction of electron and ion beams with metal surfaces; formation of laser plasma and interaction of ionized components with the surface of solids; physical processes and kinetics of populations in active media of lasers on metal vapor and excimer molecules; development and creation of new gas lasers that generate in the visible and far ultraviolet regions of the spectrum.

Numerous awards and prizes were recognized in recognition of the scientist's merits. Among the most important is the title of Honored Scientist of Ukraine, laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology and laureate of the prize. K.D. Synelnykova of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, State Scholar of Outstanding Figures of Science, Education and Culture, Honorary Citizen of Uzhhorod. By the decision of the Uzhhorod City Council, one of the city streets in the area of new buildings was named after I.P. Zapisochny.

In August 2001, after a serious illness, Ivan Prokhorovych left us. Ivan Prokhorovych's main achievement during his long career at Uzhhorod University, Uzhhorod Branch of the Institute of Nuclear Research and the IEPh of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine is the education of a whole galaxy of nuclear scientists and the creation of a world-famous scientific school famous for its many achievements. Many scientists brought up by Ivan Prokhorovych still continue his work with dignity both at the Institute of Electronic Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Uzhhorod National University, and at well-known research centers abroad. And this, of course, is the best monument to one of the founders of physical science in Transcarpathia.

Topics of the Conference

Physics of electronic and atomic collisions

Multiphoton ionization of metal atoms

Processes of interaction of electron, ion and laser beams with the surface of solids

Elementary processes in lasers and low-temperature plasma

Spectroscopy of atoms, molecules, resonant phenomena

Physical electronics

Theoretical physics

Conference program


Program Committee

Programme Committee Chair:
Corresponding Member of NAS,
Dr. Hab. A.N. Gomonai
Programme Committee Secretary:
Dr. T.Yu. Popyk
Programme Committee members:
Dr. Hab. V.T. Maslyuk Dr. Hab. E.Yu. Remeta Dr. Hab. A.A. Borovik Dr. Hab. I.I. Chafranoch Dr. Hab. V.Yu. Lazur
Organizing Committee Chair:
Prof. A.N. Zavilopulo
Organizing Committee Vice-Chair:
Dr. V.I. Roman
Organizing Committee Secretary:
A.I. Bulhakova
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Dr. Yu.A. Bandurin Dr. A.I. Gomonai Dr. E.А. Svitlicniy A.V. Vasiliev

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