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Institute of Electron Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Historical essay

Institute of Electron Physics is a research institution of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine carrying out research on current problems in

  • physics of photon, electron, ion, and atomic collisions,
  • low-energy nuclear physics,
  • radiation- and technology-related environmental issues,
  • physics of metal vapour lasers,
  • physical and chemical fundamentals and technology of fabrication, processing, and application of macroscopic and mesoscopic crystals, films, and glasses.

The history of the institute began in 1981 when, based on the existing research departments of Ukrainian academic institutions – Department of Photonuclear Processes (Institute of Physics, Acad. Sci. Ukr., 1969) and Department of Theory of Hadrons (Institute of Theoretical Physics, Acad. Sci. Ukr., 1970) – Uzhhorod Branch of Institute for Nuclear Research, Acad. Sci. Ukr., was founded. The first head of the branch and simultaneously a vice-director of the Institute for Nuclear Research was Prof. Ivan P. Zapesochny who by that time had formed a strong research group in atomic physics and physical electronics in Uzhhorod Sate University. Prof. Zapesochny promoted the idea of creating a separate research institute in physics in Uzhhorod. In 1988 Prof. Otto B. Shpenik became the head of the branch. He focused the potential of the branch staff at efficient research and managed to finalize construction of the future institute building.

The institute was officially founded on September 21, 1992, being the first institute of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in Transcarpathia. Professor (now – Academician) Otto B. Shpenik became the first director of the institute. Since April 2017 the institute is headed by a new director, Dr. Sc. Anna N. Gomonai.

Strategy of development of IEP for 2018–2022

Statute of the Institute of Electron Physics, Nat. Acad. Sci. Ukr.

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